Accessible, Honest, and Bold

Putting My Experience
to Work

I grew up in a family of teachers, and have been surrounded by public education my entire life. I learned at an early age that strong schools and strong communities go hand in hand. As a school board member, I see it as my responsibility to enable meaningful connections between our schools and the community we serve.

Sixteen years ago, our family moved to Mendota Heights with the idea that our time here would be short as we searched for opportunities to relocate to a warmer climate. When we discovered our public schools our plans quickly changed as we fell in love first with Early Learning and Somerset Elementary, then with the entire community of ISD197 schools. Now, with a recent graduate, a high school sophomore, and an eighth grader we honestly can't imagine raising our children anywhere else.

I am currently the Director of Development at Scholarship America. I have spent my professional career as a non-profit executive, working for a number of educational non-profits including Dodge Nature Center, where I was able to see the benefits of our school district partnerships first-hand.


I also served in the Army National Guard (Military Intelligence), retiring honorably as a Major after 20 years that included a deployment. Through my military experience I demonstrated my ability to serve in leadership capacities while maintaining civilian full-time employment. I am committed to service above self which is required of school board members.


I am passionate about doing all I can to help provide a well-rounded student experience through academics and extra-curricular activities. I value the diversity in our community, care deeply about equity, and will work tirelessly to ensure our schools offer welcoming and inclusive environments where all students have the opportunity to succeed and thrive.

Listening is a priority for me. I connect with the community by being present in our schools and engaging with our families. I have demonstrated that I am always willing to have conversations, even if those conversations are uncomfortable.

If re-elected to serve on the school board I will continue to be an accessible, transparent, and honest partner to the community as we work together to make our schools the best they can be.


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